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Are you tired of losing sales? Do you want to boost your sales? I am a sales expert in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I will take you beyond the traditional ways of selling and teach you sales techniques that will open a new world of opportunities. My books and sales training are meant for you, to help you triple your commission no matter what sales you are in. Whether you are looking to gain more leads or close more deals, learn how to handle every customer objection and build relationships that last, my books and specialized training will help you with all of those.

It does not matter if you sell in person or phone to phone, making outbound cold calls or selling while working inbound sales, let me help you master the art of selling. I will be your sales coach! Let my books help you master the art of selling and let my training lead you to success. The more you learn the more you earn and my goal is to help you earn even more. My passion is to help you sell more because I was once in your shoes. What do you say when a customer says they need to talk to their partner before they make a decision ? What do you say when they say I need more time ? Are you stuck in your sales career? Do you need or want more money? Let's get started.

Raphael's Best Sellers


Nathan Gates

- Former Co-Worker at AEDOS Marketing

When I began working at the AEDOS Marketing in 2013, Raphael was the first person to take an interest in my success. He put a considerable amount of his time into making sure that I understood the fundamentals of selling our product. His approach to teaching was very genuine and hands on. As I began to succeed in the business using the technique that he had taught me, he continued to encourage me, always staying interested...

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Steven Croft

- Steele Ford

Working as a sales professional myself for the past 5 years, I can say with confidence that it is a rewarding and prosperous career path. The best part is - anyone with the right attitude can do it when they receive the proper training. This is where Raphael Huwiler can be of a great assistance to you. I've seen him in action both as a sales man and as a sales trainer / coach - and his results are unbelievable. He can teach...

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Katrina Sanche

- Ramada Plaza

Raphael was my team leader at Tzouria Marketing Solutions*, working as a door-to-door sales representative. It was the first time I had ever done D2D, and the thought of knocking on doors made me quite nervous. As my team leader, Raphael trained me on the field, walking me through every step of the sales experience. He took as much time as I needed, and his cool composure...

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