About Raphael Huwiler


I believe that happiness comes from giving to others and finding purpose in your own life. My personal goal is to give you the proper skills to help you achieve your sales goals, learn what’s there to love about selling, and to increase your income while doing it. During my time as a door-to-door sales representative, I have met some of the most amazing individuals, have gained great insights, and gained an incredible amount of experience. Clients, co-workers, as well as newbies in the sales field who I had the privilege to coach, have taught me invaluable lessons… lessons I would like to share with you. People have become desensitized by the constant bombardment of media messages all around us. Telling is no longer selling, and because of that, I will take you beyond the traditional ways of selling and teach you sales techniques that will open a new world of opportunities to you.


Not sure why you just don’t seem to be able to sell a great product or service to people who would really benefit from it? Wondering what you can do differently to increase your sales? Puzzled by the unexpected rejections by potential buyers when you thought all was going well If you are thinking about getting into sales or would simply like to learn more about selling, handling rejections, and closing the deal in a fun and supportive group environment, then this is for you!!!

Remember, sales are the most important link between the world and the product, service, or vision any company has to offer… they all have to be sold to the people, otherwise, they will disappear into the unknown without ever having made an impact. Because of amazing sales people, the world’s greatest inventions are here today, standing strong, changing the world, one sale at a time …

Course Outline

  • Body language
  • Tonality
  • Breaking preoccupation
  • Qualifying
  • Asking the right questions
  • Elevator pitch
  • List of all common objections
  • Different types of closing techniques
  • Closing body language
  • Closing tonality
  • Looping patterns
  • Closing techniques
  • Tonality
  • Body language
  • The fear of closing
  • Importance of closing
  • Importance
  • Positive thinking vs negative thinking
  • What types of goals and how to set them
  • Humour behind rejection
  • Why we do it
  • How to stop
  • Building trust without saying a word
  • Showing confidence
  • Importance behind looking professional
  • Bottled enthusiasm
  • Capturing interest
  • Using your power base
  • The power of referrals

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